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4 Easy Ab Exercises for Beginners

Ab Exercises for BeginnersThe following easy ab exercises are ideal for beginners. They can be done at home or in the gym and the beauty is they also don’t require any fancy equipment to get you started.

Always remember to warm-up before conducting any exercise and to use the exercises as part of a wider workout routine. When carrying out the exercises as a beginner it is important to take things slowly to begin with. If possible try to stay focussed on slow repitition rather than fast jerky movements. Slow and focussed will bring you better returns in the long-run whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Basic Ab Exercises for Beginners

This short guide will show you 4 easy ab exercises that are an ideal first step to strengthen your core abdominal muscles.

Basic Sit-Ups

From a seated position on the floor, drop your back to the floor slowly, one vertebrae at a time.

Your knees should be a fist distance apart with your feet nice and relaxed.

With your hands by your side, sit up slowly with your hands gliding along the side of your thighs until you reach a seated position. Remember to bend your knees as you come up.

From the seated position, and your hands now on your knees, come back down, dropping your back to the floor again slowly. Your hands should again naturally glide back down the side of your thighs as you drop down.

With your back, rested on the floor again your knees should be retained in a bent and comfortable position in readiness for the next sit-up cycle.

Focus on your breathing as you go through each cycle inhaling as you drop and exhaling as you come up.

Bird-Dog Crunch

This is a simple do ab exercise which can be carried out without lying on your back. This is also a great exercise that will strengthen glutes, hamstrings and shoulders

Get on to all fours with shoulders over the wrists and hips over the knees. Keep the back straight and your ab muscles tucked in as though it is connected to your low back.

Take opposite arm and opposite leg and extend them out stretching with your fingertips and squeezing your glutes.

Upon reaching the maximum extension, draw your elbow and knee in at the same time so that they meet just under the hip. Breath in as you bring your knee up and your elbow in.

Once they meet exhale and extend the arm and knee back out keeping your balance as you move. As a beginner, try to complete two or three cycles before swapping over to the other arm and leg.

Seated Single Leg Lifts

This is a simple to conduct exercise but can also prove very challenging for the abdominal and hamstring muscle group.

Sit comfortably on the floor with your back upright and legs out in front.

Engage your core abdominal muscles and lean back ever so slightly placing your arms just behind you and your hands on each side of your glutes for balance.

Inhale and raise your leg six inches off the ground. Try to hold this position for at least  before exhaling as the leg is returned to the floor.

Repeat the cycle with the other leg.

As a beginner try to alternate each leg for thirty seconds before resting. Repeat the thirty-second workout cycle five times.

Standing Bicycle Crunches

This exercise will provide you with an core ab and oblique (outermost abdominal muscle) workout.

Standing nice and tall with a straight back and with your feet a hip distance apart, start this exercise by bring your hands behind your head.

Open up your elbows as wide as you can above your head and then bring your knee up to a central position whilst bringing your opposite raised elbow down to meet you knee.

Once they have met in a central position, drop the knee back down to the ground whilst at the same time raise your elbow back to a position above your head.

Repeat this process with the opposite elbow and opposite leg.

Remember to focus on your breathing, in-haling and exhaling as you move through the cycle.

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