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About Sport Effective.Com

About Sport Effective.comWe decided to create this site to help the general public with sports watches, trackers and monitors.

Small, affordable technology can bring great benefits to sport and recreation.

Whether its trying to beat your personal best, win a race, improve your health or just have some outdoor fun with friends, there will be a watch or tracking device out there just right for your need.

Here are some of the sports and reasons why you might want to by a tracking device:

  • Watches and trackers are light and portable and will not negatively impact your sporting performance.
  • Watches can track location, distance covered, pace, heart-rate, personal bests and split times
  • Many watches come with highly sensitive advanced GPS technology
  • Many watches come with Heart-Rate Monitoring trackers to ensure both safe and peak performance training.
  • Sports watches are also a fashion accessory and look great for casual wear
  • Specialist watches can be used for running, cycling, hiking and swimming
  • Watches can be highly water-resistant and can be used in the pool, at the beach and for scuba
  • Specialist watches such as Garmin give you access to web-sites to upload your personal best times and other records.
  • Trackers can also be used for hiking and keeping you safe in the countryside.
  • Hand-held trackers and watches are also available if you want to get the best out of your round of golf.

We hope you enjoy the website and find what you are looking for.