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Best Selection of 10 Minute Cardio Workouts

10 Minute Cardio WorkoutsIn this post I have gathered a selection of my best 10 minute cardio workouts.

These are high-intensity routines so make sure you are experienced in this type of routine before trying them out.

Regularly following these type of exercises will not only improve your cardiovascular capacity, but the benefits in fat burn/loss and general muscle tone will be quick to see.

Calorie Burning Cardio Workout

In this first video, POPsugar Fitness instructer Ann Renderer take you through an energetic routine of skips, lunges, jumps, hops and punches – guaranteed to get you sweating and breathing heavily.

10 Minute Cardio Jump Workout

In this follow-up routine from POPSugar the emphasis is on jumping and plyometric bouncing so its hard on the achilles and  knee joints. The routine covers moves such as :

  • the high-knee skipping rope drill
  • jumping jacks
  • forward and backward hops
  • hop on one foot at a time
  • burpees
  • walk-out with no jump
  • lateral high knee jump
  • squat jacks
  • squat jumps
  • hopscotch jumps
  • lateral jumps

10 Min Cardio and Toning Workout

This set of exercises is from Fitness Blender. This is a full-on routine with ten lung-bursting moves. Each exercise lasts for 45 seconds with just a 10 second rest between.

Exercises included in the workout include:

  • lateral jumps
  • deep squats with optional toss of a medicine ball
  • plank tuck and kicks
  • side steps and center squats
  • up and out jacks
  • jumping and oblique twists
  • squat jacks
  • side shuffle hops
  • plyometric pushups
  • high knees

10 Min Fat Blast Workout

This workout is from Lean Machines and is demonstrated by two male instructors. its a full-on routine where the exercises come this and fast.

Exercises included in the workout include:

  • start jumps
  • press-ups
  • lunges
  • squat thrusts
  • simple plank
  • walking planks

10 Minute Home Cardio

This is a high intensity interval training workout from HASFit which can be done at home or gym. The only equipment you need is some light dumb-bells.

If you are following this one live be aware that there is very little time between exercises.

Exercises contained within the video include:

  • Juke move
  • front squat and push jerk
  • lateral plank walks
  • snatch from hang
  • reach jumps
  • windshield wipers
  • lunge and curl
  • bent-over row
  • dumb bell posterior swing
  • forward and lateral hops

At Home Cardio workout Plan

cardio workout plan


No Kit 10 Minute Home Cardio Workout

in this routine Certified Personal Trainer Jessica Smith takes us through a great intense routine backed by some great inspirational music to keep you motivated.

After a walking in place warm-up the routine covers a great mix of energetic hops, skips, jumps and leg raises.


Building 10 minute cardio workouts regularly into your weekly fitness regime will do wonders for your general level of fitness. It is important that you also focus on strength exercises to compliment the cardio improvements.

In particular, focus on having strong calves, glutes, hamstrings and core stability if you are going to try out these routines on a regular basis.

As with all exercise, remember to stretch and warm-up well.

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