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Tips to Build Your Front Deltoid Muscles

build your frontal deltoid musclesWelcome to this post that will provide you with tips on how to build your front deltoid muscles.

The deltoid muscle is the large shoulder muscle at the top of the arm. It is called the deltoid muscle because of its triangular shape and the fact that the Greek letter for delta is a triangle.

The structure of the deltoid can be broken down into the anterior (front), medial (mid) and posterior (back) deltoid fibers.

Exercise Moves That Can Build Deltoid Muscles

The frontal deltoid fibres can be exercised and improved by the following front raise workouts :

EZ-Bar Front Raise

The EZ-Bar barbell which has a curvature in the bar at the grip placement area is an ideal piece of light kit to improve the frontal deltoid.

EZ Bar Frontl Raise

Standing up straight, grab the bar at shoulder width. Contract your backside glutes tightly and ensure your core abs are also tight.

Move the bar-bell to an upward position whilst keeping your arms as straight as possible as you lift. Keep a slight bend at the elbow to allow the movement to be performed comfortably.

Once the bar has reached shoulder height, return the bar to your waist in a controlled manner.

During the exercise, focus on your core abdominal muscles. Do not stop engaging these muscles, otherwise you will tend to lean back as your upper back and shoulders start do a lot more of the lift.

Front Hammer Raise

Standing up straight with your glutes and abdominals tight and shoulders back, hold the dumbells in each hand and place by the side of your body with your palms facing inwards.

Gently raise the dumbells up in line with the shoulders, keeping the palms facing inwards and the arms slightly bent at the elbow so as not to put too much strain on the bicep.

Gently lower the dumbells to the starting position and repeat.

The basic front hammer raise can be carried out with two arms being raised at the same time or with right and left alternate lifts. If you start with the dual shoulder lift start with lighter weights to begin with.

Front Band Raise Exercise

This exercise can be done in a gym with a cable machine or just as easily at home using a theraband or elastic resistance band.

Similar to the hammer raise, these exercises can be done both arms at a time or as an alternate left and right motion.

When performing the exercise try to ensure that their is tension throughout particularly at the bottom of the cycle when the hands are dropped down by your waist. The deltoid muscles should be working through-out the movement even at the easiest part of the cycle.

Controlled Arnold Press

The Arnold Press is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger who made this movement famous during his body-building era.

Controlled Arnold Press

This exercise can be carried out in either a standing or if you are a beginner or are using heavy weights it is highly recommended that you use a seated bench as it will give your back and spine maximum support throughout the movement and prevents risk of injury.

Commence with the hands holding dumbbell weights in front of the face – palms facing inwards. Squeeze the glutes and abdominals.

Turn out both elbows at the same time in a controlled manner as wide as you can. Pause ever so slightly before pushing both dumbbell weights over the head. Pause again at the top of the lift, controlling the movement.

Bring the weights back down pausing slightly again before bring the elbows back in to the starting position, tight into your ribs.

Kneeling Landmine Press

To attempt this exercise you need to ensure you have good established core stability as balance is key.

kneeling landmine press


Some gyms will have a special bar bell to carry out this exercise. If not then you can secure the bar-bell in a corner or with a couple of heavy weights to prevent movement of the bar.

Form a stable base with your foot and knees firmly planted on a non-sliding surface. Whichever shoulder deltoid is doing the lifting, place the opposite foot ahead in the stance to ensure maximum stability.

The aim is to lift and push the bar forward to a full extension and then drop the weight and bar to the height of the deltoid muscle. Lock the movement at the top of the extension.

This movement is also great for tricep and chest muscle development.

Summary for Deltoid Development

If you are keen to develop and build your front deltoid muscles then attempt one or two of these workouts at least once or twice a week.

These shoulder workout routines should also be done along with the general exercises to ensure allround deltoid development.

Consult a fitness instructor on the weight levels to use as well as the number of sets and reps. Discuss also whether your focus is bulk or endurance or indeed both as this will influence the type and duration of program you embark on and the amount of carbs and proteins that you need to eat to eat.


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