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Easy Home Hamstring Muscle Workout Exercises

Hamstring Muscle Workout ExercisesIn this article we take a look at some great hamstring muscle workout exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own home and with minimal equipment.

The hamstring, because it is out of site at the back of the leg, tends to be neglected when it comes to strengthening.

Any experienced athlete will tell you however that neglect of this muscle group is a big mistake.

Not only does the hamstring muscle group provide an integral part of your leg strength, power and stamina but when it fails in an injury such as a pulled hamstring, then you can lose weeks in recovery and discomfort.

Learn How to Build the Hamstring Muscle Group.

The hamstring is actually made up of three large muscles at the back of the leg:

  1. Biceps femoris
  2. Semimembranosus
  3. Semitendinosus

Hamstring Muscle Workout Exercises


The main function of the hamstring muscles are to control the pivot of the the knees, roll back the pelvis and also control the extension of the hips.

There for a strong set of muscles can add a great deal to our stability and strength particularly when under the added motion pressure of sporting exercise comes in to play.

With all the following exercises remember to warm up before the workout and also apply the exercises to both hamstrings. Take the exercises nice and slowly as a hamstring pull injury can take a while to recover from.

Hamstring Reverse Lunges

The reverse lunge works the hamstring and the gluteus maximus. This can be done with or without weights.

Standing Hamstring Curls

Standing Hamstring Curls

This exercise is again very simple but highly effective. In a balanced standing position bend your knee and raise your leg behind.  If you are struggling for balance then you can hold onto a chair with both hands.

Try not to keep your knee directly under the hip.

If this exercise is to simple if can be made more difficult by adding some tie on weights to the ankle.


Hamstring Bridges

Hamstring Bridges

Placing your hands by your side, focus on driving through the heals raising the buttocks slowly to the bridge position. Hold the position for a few seconds at the top and then lower again until the back is on the floor.

Single Leg Bridges

This exercise adds to the basic bridge. With knees bent and back on the floor raise one leg up off the floor.

Focus on the foot that is planted on the floor, push up with the standing foot, and press up with the hips ensuring that the raised leg remains rigid and raised.

Once raised, lower the hips again back to the floor, keeping one leg raised and the other firmly panted on the ground.

Repeat the cycle for 10 to 12 reps.

Leg Lift Extensions

This exercise is a further extension of the single leg bridge and extends the leg much higher than the single leg bridge.

Prone Thigh Lifts

Hamstring Prone Leg Lift

The starting position for this exercise is to lie flat face down on the floor in the prone position, resting your arms slightly in front of you, palms facing the floor.

Squeezing the abdominal muscles and buttocks, lift one leg up keeping the leg straight. Do not bend the leg at the knee. Alternate the right and left leg lifts and try keep the hips on the floor as the leg is lifted.


Learning how to do these simple hamstring muscle workout exercises on a regular and consistent basis can make a real difference to your sporting performance and add to a great looking body shape.

As you will note strenghening the three hamstring muscles in each leg do not require you to go to the gym or to use expensive exercise equipment.

Using simple body-weight techniques can dramatically improve the power, stamina and overall hamstring health.



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