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Top Med Ball Workout Routines

Med Ball Workout RoutinesWelcome to our post which will demonstrate some great med ball workout ideas.

The Medicine ball is a great resource to develop all round athleticism.

The benefits of including a medicine ball workout into your regular exercise regime may include the following :

  • It can enhance your hand to eye co-ordination.
  • It can improve reaction speed
  • It will establish rhythm and co-ordination
  • Improved endurance capabilities
  • The development of explosive plyometric power
  • Its a great tool if your are looking to reduce body fat
  • They can be used to focus on specific muscles or muscle groups such as abs, shoulders and legs.

Medicine ball workouts are an ideal way to build all-round athleticism. The list of sports that would benefit from med-ball exercises are limitless. Elite performers in running, soccer, basketball, tennis, basketball, football and skiing to name but a few all incorporate med ball routines.

A key point about using a medicine ball is that it is highly adaptable and comes in a wide range of weights, sizes and bounce (or lack of it) to suit different exercises.

The following med ball workout routines are some of the best ones that I have used and some of the more popular ones around – enjoy.!

Great Medicine Ball Exercises & Workouts

Med Ball Situps

The first one up is a simple intro to some of the more basic medicine ball moves that you can do at home or in a gym. These moves are focussed around the basic sit-up movement and can be done slowly by beginners.

Med Ball Squat Exercise

In this video the simple squat exercise routine is demonstrated. This is a more all-round exercise which will work the legs, glutes, quads, back, shoulders and chest.

Beginners can take this exercise slowly to begin with and once strength is developed a more explosive approach can be introduced which may include throwing and catching the ball at the top of the cycle.

Russian Twists

This is a great exercise if you want to focus on the abs and the side oblique muscles.

Adopt a seated position with the back leaning back. Raise your legs so that you are balancing stadily on your backside. Using the appropriate weighted med ball hold it in front of you and twist side to side keeping control at all times.

Medicine Ball Chops

This exercise is done standing up and is another great one for the abdominals well as your upper body and the legs – a great all-round workout.

Because of the effort and movement involved it is also a fairly intense cardiovascular fitness routine.

Large & Light-Weight Med Ball Exercises

This video provides you with lots of ideas to try out especially with the larger medicine ball. There are a good selection of strength, explosive and cardio suggestions which you can try on your own or with a partner.

Basic but Highly Effective Medicine Ball Workout Ideas

This is a montage of 33 great exercises that you can do with a standard (non-bouncing) medicine ball. The exercises primarily focus on squats, presses, twists, lunges and slams.

Some Medicine Ball Routines to Try

Once you have decided on the type of med ball exercises that will fit your level of ability and your sporting objectives its time to put them together into a routine.

Putting a routine into action is a great way to gain all-round benefit in terms of strength, endurance and cardio.

The info below will also give you some guide as to how to split your routine into repetitions and sets. Remember to start slowly and always warm-up before undertaking any exercise.

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 1:

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 1

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 2:

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 2

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 3:

Med Ball Workout Suggestion 3

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