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Swimovate Pool Mate Watch Review

Swimovate PoolMate WatchAre you a serious pool swimmer striving for personal bests or perhaps even trying out for the next triathlon in open water and need a sports tracking watch that you can rely on?

Then this sleek Swimovate Pool Mate Watch is just the timepiece that will keep track of all your vital performance statistics while you concentrate on your stroke.

Join thousands of happy customers and make the most of your swimming sessions with this specialist sports gadget.

With a stylish design and 4 vibrant color options, it also looks great when worn just as an out of the water casual timepiece.

Swimovate Pool Mate Watch Video

Swimovate Pool Mate Watch Features

This automatic swimming watch really is simple to use and very quick to setup. Packed with features, the press of a few buttons will get you active and tracking your performance statistics in no time.

This watch contains state of the art accelerometers to capture any motion that your arm makes. The software times your swim and calculates your lap count, average stroke, your speed, distance, calories and even stroke efficiency.

  • The Pool Mate has been tested to count laps with 99.75% precision in the pool and precise enough even for the training professional swimmers around the world. While it is even streamline to be able to wear every day.
  • With this watch you can train on your own time and zone without the help of anyone else as it automatically detects each stroke and keeps track of the most important metrics of your swim.
  • The watch even comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and support is always available online.
  • The watch is even able to adjust for different pool lengths, meters and yards.
  • It is water resistant up to 50m.
  • The watch is lightweight and comes with a flexible PU strap. While the display is easy to read and consists of stainless steel buttons, backlighting and double secure fastening.
  • All your data tracking can be viewed on the watch, but with the software uploaded to your computer, it works via infrared signal to provide you the ease of loading all your data for ease of tracking.

The Swimovate Pool Mate watch has been stylishly designed for swimmers to help them with their training while keeping them motivated with all the necessary data available by pressing one button.

This gadget will keep you inspired and even track your calories you have used while training.

Swimovate Poolmate watch
Swimovate Poolmate watch

This watch has received excellent ratings from customers. Most customers are pleased with it and recommend it to all swimmers to use. While some users would have liked it if the start button was a little bit bigger and the instruction manual was more understandable, all in all they still love the overall functionality of this great gadget.

The Swimovate Pool Mate watch offers you the convenience of having information available on your wrist and even stylish enough to wear as an everyday watch.

If you are serious about swimming, then this affordable watch will most definitely become your favourite friend while enjoying your swimming sessions. With its great features this will be a great buy.

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